Picture courtesy of Grupo Agroponiente, a portfolio company of Abac Solutions

Abac Solutions is a 2015 vintage fund closed with commitments in excess of €320 million to invest in solid Spanish medium-sized companies.

Abac Capital founders have committed their personal wealth alongside Abac Solutions limited partners to support the businesses we buy. We are disciplined investors, so we only invest in the opportunities that match our investment criteria.


Investment criteria

Type of investment
Spanish cash flow positive companies that need owner transition, recapitalization or growth financing.
Target company size
Companies with revenues above €30m and EBITDA above €5m.
Target industries
Consumer, Services and Industrials. Opportunistically, we can also consider other sectors but only if we have a strong angle.
Transaction size
Average investment ranging €20m-€50m million. Ticket may be further increased through co-investments from institutional limited partners.
Transaction instruments
Control deals with common or preferred equity, or debt instruments convertible into equity. We may pursue minority and debt deals with PE-type returns if we have the appropriate governance and exit rights.

Abac Solutions (SCA) SICAR (“the Fund” or “Abac Solutions”) is managed by Abac Solutions Manager S.à r.l. (“the General Partner” or “Abac Solutions Manager”). Abac Solutions Manager is the decision-making body for the fund, based on recommendations from the investment advisor, Abac Capital, S.L (“Abac Capital”).