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OverviewAbac Solutions

Abac Solutions (SCA) SICAR (“the Fund”) is managed by Abac Solutions Manager S.à r.l. (“the General Partner”). Abac Solutions Manager is the decision-making body for the fund, based on recommendations from the investment advisor, Abac Capital, S.L.

Abac Solutions can invest its capital in both equity and debt like instruments with appropriate control and governance of the business.

Our flexible solutions approach can help you improve your business, reshape your balance sheet and take your strategy to the next level. We believe that establishing tailored partnerships with the right entrepreneurs and management teams is the key to long term successful investments.

Abac Capital founders have commited their personal wealth alongside Abac Solutions limited partners to support the businesses we buy. We are disciplined investors, so we only invest in the opportunities that match our investment criteria.

Abac Solutions Manager has raised over €320 million for its first fund, Abac Solutions, which is the largest maiden fund in Southern Europe since the financial crisis.

Target industries: Abac Solutions invests in Spanish companies that operate in the following sectors: Consumer, TMT, Services, Energy and Industrials. Opportunistically, we can also invest outside our core sectors but only when we have a strong angle.

Transaction size: Abac Solutions invests on average €20m-€50m per deal, but we can fund larger deals co-investing with our pool of institutional limited partners.

Target company size: Abac Solutions targets companies with revenues and enterprise value above €30m.

Transaction instruments: Abac Solutions invests mainly in control deals with common or preferred equity, or debt instruments convertible into equity. We can do minority deals and PE-type return debt deals when we can get appropriate governance and exit rights.

Type of investment: Abac Solutions invests in cash flow positive companies that need owner transition, recapitalization or financing growth in a funding-constrained environment. We do not invest in start-ups or in operational turnarounds.